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Name:The Data/Geordi Prompt Meme
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Community description:Promoting fanworks dedicated to Data and Geordi of Star Trek: TNG through user-submitted prompts.

The most important thing: Be Kind and Have Fun

Welcome to the Data/Geordi Prompt Meme! We are writers and artists who ship the hell outa Data and Geordi from Star Trek: the Next Generation.
Some of us grew up with the show, and some of us are quite a bit younger and just getting into it now.

All are welcome! Here's some things you should do while you're here:

  1. Post a prompt or respond with fic or art in the [[[prompt post

  2. Read newly completed stories in the Filled Prompts Post

  3. See what's cooking in the WIPs post

  4. Read the rest of the posting guidelines so you know what to do when it's time to post your fanwork!

What makes a good prompt?

The point of a writing/art prompt is to challenge the creator to try something new, and to stimulate creativity. As a prompter, you can help by not making your prompt too specific OR too vague.

A happy medium is when you describe a situation, or a problem, but leave out enough details for the writer to fill in. Try not to specify HOW the problem is solved, or HOW the story specifically begins or ends.

Another prompting trick is to just suggest a few story elements, like: a card game, a broken shuttle craft, and a box of red skittles. An artist then has to string those elements together to make a story.

A rule of thumb is: if you find yourself writing paragraphs to describe your prompt, you're probably writing a story outline, not a story suggestion. You've made that story your own, and you're the best person to write it. Give it a try! Writers become writers by writing. :)


Here is where you post target=_blank>FILLED PROMPTS

Here is where you post WORKS IN PROGRESS (WIPS)


  • You can tag if you want to, but it's not required. Try to use

    consistency. Do not editorialize in tags. (No sentences, just


  • Please use warning(s) for violence and triggers. (Abuse, child

    abuse, rape, noncon, torture, gore, kinky edgeplay, etc. Use your common sense,

    and if someone asks you to put on a warning, put on the warning

    and don't fight about it.)

  • Please give your fic a rating. Yes, you may use the rating system

    that's standard in your country.

  • Here's a USA rating guideline:

    • G: ok for everyone including children

    • PG: School-age children and up. (Think Disney/Pixar.) Kissing and

      mild violence like a fistfight is ok, but no blood, gore, or

      mentions of explicit sex.

    • PG-13: For teens and adults. Violence, discussion of sex, and

      "adult themes" are ok. But no blood, gore, or explicit sex. FWIW,

      99% of Star Trek eps are PG-13.

    • R: 17+. The difference between R and NC17 is in the descriptions.

      If the sex is vaguely described, it's probably R. If the story

      takes place in a warzone but the descriptions don't go into every

      exploded organ, it's probably R.

    • NC17: Explicit porn and torture, usually. Often PWPs, or porn

      with(out) plot, or "plot, what plot"? These stories are welcome but

      please rate them.

    • We do not warn for LGBTQAII here. If you have a problem with that,

      please go away.

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